Digital Advocacy Stories Developed by Students in LS5633: The Art of Storytelling, Spring 2013

A.2.3: Digital Advocacy Story Assignment Sheet
One-sentence Theme
Digital Advocacy Story/Tool
Digital Advocacy Story Reflection/Tool
Audrey Cornelius
Building Readers, Building Communities
Public library children's programming offers an invaluable venue to build and share a love for reading, to begin voyages of learning exploration, and to build friendships and a spirit of community.
Windows Live Movie Maker
Roger Grape
Bendy, Twisty, Flexible Scheduling!
When school librarians are allowed to have a flexible schedule, collaboration between teachers, librarians, and administrators can lead to co-teaching, meeting reading goals, and increased student achievement.
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David Jureka
Library Without Limits
The library is your student's gateway to a world of information for research and recreation and it's available 24/7!
Pinnacle Studio
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Amy Seto Forrester
Global Exploration Is Just Around the Corner
The public library encourages children to learn and practice empathy and compassion by encouraging curiosity, understanding, and respect for diversity in cultural and ethnic values as evidenced by materials, services, and programming.
Wendy Wagner
Cultivating Community through School Library Programming
Programming in school libraries helps cultivate communities.
MP4 Podcast
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Ashley Weibling
Certified School Librarians Make a Difference
Certified school librarians made a difference...
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