Sample Stories for Students in LS5633: The Art of Storytelling - Middle and High School

On this page, you will find a storytelling program that include a video introduction, the video of story with bibliographic information, and a video of the storytelling session ending, which is not freely available on the Web. When indicated, please go to the "Sample Stories" on the Blackboard course navigation menu when directed to do so.

Calhoun Middle School, Denton, Texas (30-minute session)

Source Information
Make a connection between the book
Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, dichos,
and the story "El diamante de corazon"


(5 minutes 27 seconds)

"El diamante de corazon"

The Diamond Heart

(10 minutes 15 seconds)
Adapted from a folk story written by Mara
in Storytelling World Magazine (1996).

Follow up with students' questions
and reconnection to dichos (Mexican sayings)
Please see the Sample Stories link
in Blackboard.
Note: In these videos, you will notice that I am speaking a bit louder than usual. One of the cardinal rules of storytelling performance is to visit the site in advance of the presentation. I did that in October.

However, in December when the videographer and I arrived to actually share and record the story, we discovered that the furnace fan was almost directly over the storytelling location we had selected in the library. And it was running when it hadn't been in October!

We considered other spots in the library and rejected other locations for various reasons. As a result, even though Ivan tried to convince me that the fan noise would not disrupt the audio, I could hear it and as a result spoke louder than necessary.

Always learning, always learning...