Digital Video Camera Technology Support

Choosing a video mode/quality:
Many cameras offer several choices of picture quality. When choosing an image quality, keep in mind: Your videos will be uploaded for web streaming. High quality videos are larger, and therefore take longer to upload, download, and buffer. Avoid the highest quality video settings, such as 1080p and even 720p/60 fps. Instead, choose a web quality setting. This will save you time later on when it's time to compress/convert the file. If you plan on uploading to TeacherTube, YouTube, etc. and then embedding in your wiki, a higher video quality setting would be acceptable.

Choosing a file type:
Some cameras allow you to choose what type of video to record. For example, you may have a choice between MPEG (*.mpg, *.mpeg, *.mp4), *.avi, *.mov, *.wmv, etc. videos file formats. If you have a choice, avoid MOV file types because they are uncompressed (and therefore very large). I would also avoid WMV because they are less accessible to users with Apple devices. If your device only records in MOV, you may need to convert and compress your video before uploading it to the web.

Converting and compressing your videos:
If you want to upload and embed your video directly into your wiki page, your video will have to be under 16 MB. This is not very large. On a web ready setting, an MOV file of 16 MB is less than 1 minute of video. In order to reduce file size, you will need to convert and compress your video to a smaller file format. MP4 is going to provide adequate quality and size for most Web video. You may download Any Video Converter (AVC) free version and compress/convert your video to several different file formats, including MP4. The software is pretty simple to use once you understand how bitrate, framerate, frame size, audio sampling rate, etc. affect the file size and video quality.

Adding videos to your wiki:
The table below show the three best options for embedding videos in your wiki pages and my recommendations for use of those options.
Direct Upload
For videos under 16MB, you can upload your video directly to the wiki.
I do not recommend this option. 16MB limit does not allow very long videos or very high quality videos. In addition, uploading multiple videos will eat away at your total memory allowance, leaving you limited in options when you need to share documents and other files with classmates.
Allows you to upload files up to 100MB. Privacy options allow you to designate your video as private, but still allow third party website embedding.
This is a better option that the Direct Upload option, however, in my opinion, it is not the best option. For TeacherTube, you must upload the video you want to embed at least 24 hours in advance. TeacherTube moderators review all videos before they go live.
If you verify your account with your phone number, you can upload almost unlimited video. Privacy options allow you to designate your video as unlisted so that only people with the direct link may view your video. You are still able to embed your video.
This is the option I recommend. YouTube videos go live almost immediately, and you can upload higher quality videos without having to compress them. This is also that most accessible option for captions.
This free tool as a pretty high weekly limit for how much you can upload.
This is a really good option if you want to password protect individual videos.

On YouTube, you can set your preferences so that your video is not browsable ("unlisted"). That way only people with the URL will be able to access you video. Here is a YouTube video about privacy settings: public, unlisted, and private.

Vimeo is another free video-hosting site. On Vimeo, you can make your video password protected and only give out the password to people you approve for viewing (such as G.A. Miranda and me! However, for this course you must make all of your videos available to all members of our class.)

If you have any questions about recording, converting, uploading to your wiki, or embedding from TeacherTube or YouTube into your wiki, please post your questions for everyone's benefit in Blackboard O.D.0.0: Technology Questions. Thank you.