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This wiki is a resource for graduate students in Master's degree programs at Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas. In Spring 2016, twenty-four students in this course are gradate students in the School of Library and Information Studies and one is a classroom teacher preparing to serve as a reading recovery teacher. This wiki is editable by its members.

Here's a short course trailer to show you snippets of some of the types of stories we will be sharing in this class.

This movie requires Quicktime. If you don't have Quicktime, download the free viewer by clicking here.

You can view this video introduction (2.48 minutes) on YouTube: http://youtu.be/0Qf5uChP0qc

Note: All stories on this course trailer are in the public domain, except for my original family story. Although it is a folktale and technically in the public domain, I contacted Angela Shelf Medearis, whose version of Too Much Talk: A West African Folktale greatly influenced by retelling; she gave me permission to use her work in this project.

LS5633 is offered through the School of Library and Information Studies. Our course modules are posted at: http://ls5633.pbworks.com/

A number of our class members are preservice and inservice school and public librarians; many are former or currently practicing classroom teachers and specialists. One aspect of serving as effective literacy partners is learning to build and sustain collegial instructional partnerships with school and library community and campus colleagues in many different areas of specialty.

All of our classmates are invited to add additional resource titles and links (with brief annotations), comments, and other materials that can improve this site as a storyteller's resource. Each page of this wiki has a discussion feature. Wiki members are welcome to post comments and questions to the discussion tab from that individual page.

Welcome to the wonderful world of storytelling!

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LS5633: The Art of Storytelling

Course Facilitator: Judi Moreillon, Ph.D.

School of Library and Information Studies

Email: jmoreillon@twu.edu

Spring 2016

Graduate Assistant: Miranda Valdez

Email: mvaldez3@twu.edu

Technology Consultant: Diann Maurer

Email: dmaurer@twu.edu